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    For the protection of your personal information, Chief Telecom Inc. ("Chief")hereby informs you of Chief's collection, processing and use of your personal information within the minimum purpose and scope below pursuant to Article 8 of Personal Information Protection Act. Your completion the From will be deemed your consent to the following below:
    1. Purpose of Collection: Chief, pursuant to the provisions of Personal Information Protection Act and the other applicable regulations, collects your personal information for the purposes as below: marketing, non-government agency's collection, processing and use of personal information based on legal obligations, contractual, quasi-contractual or other legal relationship matters, consumer, customer management and service, consumer protection, business technical information, advising or commercial behavior internal investigation, statistic, research and analysis, or any other scope of work if necessary for service and business performance.
    2. Classification of Personal Information: Chief collects the information provided by you, including the name, company, department, job title, contact details, including but not limited to, fax numbers, e-mail or address, or any other personally, directly or indirectly, identifiable information .
    3. Time Period, Area, Target and Way of the Use of Personal Information:(1) Time Period: the existence period of Chief, data retention period or necessary data retention period for Chief's execution of business. (2) Area: the Territory of R.O.C. and the domestic and foreign locations of the Use Target. (3) Subject: Chief, the parent company or subsidiaries, the company which controls Chief or controlled by Chief, or Chief holds certain percentage of shares or has the actual control relationship with Chief (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Chief's Affiliates"), or Chief's jointly marketing and cooperative partners, other institutions having business contract or cooperation with Chief, competent authority, the institutions, organizations or groups having legal investigation right. (4) Way: Chief will use appropriate ways, including but not limited to by telephone, text message, email, written document to collect, process the cross-border transmission or use of your personal information. And it will be limited to the minimum necessary scope.
    4. According to Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and any other applicable laws and regulations, the following rights shall be exercised by you with regard to your personal information: (1) Any inquiry and request for a review or making duplications of your personal information, provided that Chief may charge a reasonable fee; (2) Any request to supplement or correct your personal information; (3) Any request to delete, discontinue collection, processing or use of your personal information when the specific purpose no longer exists or time period expires; without any interference with Chief’s necessary performance of the service;(4) Chief may use your personal information for marketing activities, upon receiving your rejection on such marketing activities, Chief will discontinue to use your personal information for marketing within a reasonable period of time; and (5) According to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the following rights shall be exercised by you, not to interfere with the specific purpose and required scope of personal information collection, with regard to your personal information: right of access by the data subject, right to rectification, right to erasure (right to be forgotten), right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to object.
    5. If you have no willing to provide your personal information for Chief's collection, processing and use according to the preceding statement, we may not be able to response your letter of demands efficiently and may not ascertain if you can receive Chief's Newsletter. If you have any question, please contact with Chief's designated staff by e-mail (e-mail: