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Environmental Protection

The nature of the Company’s industry has no significant environmental pollution problems. However, the use of electricity in IDC rooms is the main energy consumption. For a long time, Chief Telecom has had corresponding control measures for the efficiency of electricity use. In the future, the Company will cooperate with the national energy policy to evaluate the introduction of other technologies to improve the energy use efficiently of the engine room. The newly established LY2IDC room of Chief Telecom adopted the design of smart buildings and green buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction.

To cherish the earth, the Company has launched ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inspection, strengthened the propaganda of the concept of energy saving and carbon reduction for personnel in all departments of the Company, and promoted various energy saving measures to achieve the policies of energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction, to reduce the impact on the environment, and to fulfill the responsibility of corporate environmental protection.