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The access control measures of data center in accordance with the epidemic alert level 2

The COVID-19 epidemic has gradually slowed down. On July 18, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will lower the epidemic alert level to Level 2, effective from July 27 to August 9. In line with the epidemic prevention rules, Chief IDC will make appropriate adjustments to control measures. In consideration of the safety and rights of IDC and customers, Chief IDC will take strict precautions to ensure the normal operation of data center. In accordance with the adjustment of the epidemic and the normal operation of the data center, the access control measures of data center are listed below. In addition to temperature measurement and disinfection when entering IDC, visitors would be required to register their names for access application within a week. The crowd capacity control will be adjusted to 10 people as maximum for each floor. For IDC access application, make sure to apply in advance via e-mail and get approval in 4 hours before entering IDC building, Applicants are limited as registered personnel for specific IDC access; the same personnel/operator is not allowed to enter Chief’s IDC buildings (LY building and HD building) within a week (7 days) to avoid all contact identified and increased risk of infection due to personnel movement across IDC buildings. If necessary maintenance is needed to enter both of buildings, proof of negative PCR test result issued within two days is required. CHIEF IDC will implement single-entry/exit access control. Before entering IDC, make sure your hands disinfected with hand sanitizers, and all the visitors shall pass temperature measurement and wear masks. If there is a fever (forehead temperature higher than 37.5 °C or ear temperature higher than 38 °C), the visitor will be refused to enter IDC buildings. The parcels would be disinfected outdoors and then delivered to each […]

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Triple actions taken by Chief Telecom in full support of Taiwanese enterprises to expand both internationally and domestically

Chief Telecom, with its interlocking policies and actions covering from the frontend service provisioning, to backend cloud service platform and IDC services, is here to fully support Taiwanese enterprises with their new positioning and requirements.

Announcement of Chief IDC Access Restriction During COVID-19 Level 3 Epidemic Alert

Due to the continued severity of COVID-19 epidemic, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that epidemic restrictions in Taipei City had been raised to Level 3. In compliance with the pandemic-prevention policies, Chief IDC access control will be also raised in response to Level 3 epidemic prevention measures to reduce the possibility of infection.

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Notification of implementation of the e-Invoicing

Due to the severely Covid-19 epidemic, Chief Telecom staffs are working from home now. Meanwhile, to comply with government policies to avoid and reduce any contact of unnecessary personnel or documents, we will deliver e-invoices via e-mail from June , 2021.

Chief Telecom joins hand with SurveyCake to seize the market of cloud-based survey service

SurveyCake, the leading service provider of Taiwan’s cloud-based survey, offers convenient and smooth survey design and application just as easy-breezy as enjoying “a piece of cake”.

Epidemic preventive actions for COVID-19

Due to the severe domestic COVID-19 epidemic situation, Taipei City has entered the level 3 warning zone from May 15, 2021. The company will cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention policy to upgrade the level of epidemic prevention operations to reduce the possibility of infection. Except those entering and leaving the IDC room for the necessity of body temperature measurement and disinfection, "entering and leaving the IDC room”will be made by real-name appointment application in advance.

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