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Core Ability

Neutral Position:

With carrier-neutral position, we provide partners with service exchange platforms and value-added services. All Participant members may attain multiple purposes on Chief’s exchange centers. All members within exchange center can benefit from it, not only select circuit from any of domestic or international carriers or both to satisfy their connectivity needs, but also reduce the cost of last mile and create differentiate services in the highly competitive market.


The ability of Network and voice integration:

Chief is one of two E.164 VoIP service providers in Taiwan, and Chief has a seamless network service platform across Asia.


Best service quality in Greater China:

  • POP sites in Beijing, Tientsin, Chinadao, Shanghai, Suzhow, Xiaman, Guangzhou, Shenzhen…
  • Service centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and H.K.
  • Close relationship with telecom service providers in Mainland China.