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Established in 1991, Chief Telecom became an affiliate of CHT in 2006, and officially listed at Taipei Exchange (TPEx)on June 5th, 2018(TWSE: 6561). With its global internet backbone, professional skills of communication integration, Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX), and TPIX –the biggest internet exchange in Taiwan, Chief Telecom is able to provide total solutions and various business models to enhance its customers’ operational effectiveness and competitive advantages.

  • 2023 / 11

    Chief TPIX joins hands with JPIX, which enabling the growth of global internet exchange at scale and strengthening Taiwan’s influential role in global connectivity.

  • 2023 / 11

    Winner of the “Best Employer Award 2023” at the IT Matters Awards.

  • 2023 / 9

    Launched Global Bare Metal Cloud service, and delivering service in more than 60 cities spanning 40 countries around the globe.

  • 2023 / 9

    Chief Telecom’s TPIX ranked No.1 in Taiwan and among World’s Top 100 IXPs.

  • 2023 / 4

    Chief Telecom ranks among the top 5% of listed (OTC) companies in Corporate Governance Evaluation

  • 2023 / 3

    Held the beam-raising ceremony for smart and green LY2 IDC

  • 2022 / 10

    Completed GHG emission inventory verification and obtained ISO 14064-1 certification

  • 2022 / 9

    Chief Telecom passed the certification of Sustainability Report

  • 2022 / 8

    Chunghwa Telecom and Chief Telecom have joined forces to enter the wearable healthcare device market.

  • 2022 / 7

    Collaborating with Yunlin County Government to build an i-Sports city.

  • 2022 / 4

    Chief 070 VoIP service integrates with Microsoft Teams that provides enterprise users with web-based collaboration and conferencing tools, as well as the voice communication services.

  • 2021 / 10

    LY2 new IDC building groundbreaking ceremony

  • 2021 / 10

    Update company CIS

  • 2021 / 3

    Chief Telecom knocking on the door to cooperation among 10 ASEAN countries with the alliance with PLDT Global

  • 2021 / 3

    Upgraded network backbone to 210G between Taiwan and Japan

  • 2020 / 8

    Promoted Health Cloud service via CHT-M Hami Pass

  • 2020 / 7

    Provided Oracle cloud direct connect to Tokyo

  • 2020 / 2

    Successfully connected to JPIX (Japan Internet Exchange), an important network hub in Northeast Asia, and directly connected to Singapore’s largest Internet exchange center SGIX (Singapore Internet Exchange)

  • 2020 / 1

    Newly added 20G network backbone to each of Japan and Singapore

  • 2019 / 10

    TPIX was included in national CIP

  • 2019 / 9

    The first telecom service provider obtained the DCOS-4 certification.

  • 2019 / 9

    Provided IBM cloud Direct Link service

  • 2019 / 6

    Provided 200G bandwidth between TPE and HK

  • 2019 / 3

    Cooperated with Microsoft to provide Azure ExpressRoute service.

  • 2019 / 3

    Began to provide Google Cloud Interconnect service in Taiwan.

  • 2018 / 8

    Chief Telecom joined hands with Polycom and rolled out “Cloud Video Conferencing Service” to satisfy the needs of highly efficient enterprise video conferencing.

  • 2018 / 6

    Chief Telecom officially listed at Taipei Exchange (TPEx) stock market (stock code 6561).

  • 2018 / 4

    Chief Telecom and Institute of Information Industry (III) cooperated on “Data+ Digital Innovation Project” and utilized Cloud Data Center to assist enterprises on digital transformation.

  • 2018 / 3

    Chief Telecom joined hands with IBM to provide ”Intelligent Healthcare Cloud” service.

  • 2018 / 3

    Chief Telecom began to provide AWS Direct Connect service, allowing AWS customers to easily create dedicated network access between on-premise devices and AWS.

  • 2018 / 2

    Chief Telecom established “Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX)” center and  joined hands with Microsoft and rolled out Azure ExpressRoute cloud service solution, enabling enterprise customers to enjoy the quality of secure, fast and low-latency private connection to access Azure through Chief Telecom’s global network PoPs.

  • 2018 / 1

    Chief Telecom was the first telecom and cloud services provider to obtain the quadruple international information security certifications of ISO 27001, ISO 27011, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

  • 2017 / 12

    Chief Telecom obtained dual certificates of cloud services: ISO/IEC 27017:2015 (information security certificate of cloud service implementation, operation and maintenance) and ISO/IEC 27018:2014 (personal privacy and data protection of public cloud services) issued by TUV NORD.

  • 2017 / 07

    Chief Telecom obtained four Inter-Entity Supply Contracts of Government Cloud Services.

  • 2017 / 06

    On June 28th, 2017, Chief Telecom became a listed company (stock code 6561) at emerging stock market in Taiwan.

  • 2017 / 05

    Chief Telecom joined hands with Oracle to introduce Oracle OCM- Enterprise Business Process Management Service in Taiwan.

  • 2016 / 06

    Chief Telecom was selected by Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), MOEA to perform the R&D project of developing Public Cloud Data Center and Applications.

  • 2016 / 04

    Shanghai Chief Telecom Co., Ltd, subsidiary of Chief Telecom, acquired Shanghai ISP/VPN value-added Telecommunication service license.

  • 2015 / 11

    Chief was approved public offering.

  • 2015 / 03

    Chief coroperated with Institute for Information Industry to provide incubation program for startup companies to accelerate the development of Taiwan’s Cloud Computing.

  • 2014 / 05

    Chief provided BOSSWIN cloud SaaS, including Customer Relationship and Order Management Service and Billing Managemnet Service.

  • 2014 / 04

    Chief provided Chief Cloud Integrated Storage Service (CCIS), and enterprises can back up their data locally with high performance and store another two data copies in the Chief’s cloud data center at the same time.

  • 2013 / 07

    Chief combined cloud technology to enhance overall service for two-node IDC, including dual IDC, Multiple route, multiple network, and quadruple infrastructure.

  • 2011 / 03

    Chief provided Cloud One-time Password service.

  • 2011 / 01

    Chief became the First ISO 27001/ 27011 Certified IDC and ISP Operator in Taiwan.

  • 2010 / 04

    Chief initiated “Taiwan Cloud Computing Association” and is one of the founding members.

  • 2009 / 04

    Chief started to provide E.164 VoIP services for enterprises in April.

  • 2008 / 06

    In June, Chief and Microsoft provided Windows Live IP calling service, which is based on Windows Live Messenger.

  • 2007 / 03

    Chief has been licensed to provide E.164 number Internet Telephone Service in March.

  • 2006 / 09

    Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecom service provider in Taiwan has acquired more than a 50% stake in Chief Telecom.

  • 2004 / 12

    Chief extend network services, and build up POP sites in Greater China. As a provider of convergence telecom services and total solutions, Chief became a professional telecom partner for SI.

  • 2002 / 03

    Chief positioned itself as major telecommunications network and applications service center in Taiwan, including Taipei Internet exchange center(TPIX), Taipei voice exchange center(TPVX), Taipei submarine cable exchange center(TPCX).

  • 2000 / 12

    Transformed into a facility operator of telecommunications center, and provided 24×7 Internet Data Center Service.

  • 1999-2000

    Chief had actively earned the trust and authorization from licensed operators to resell telecommunications service offered by Government. At this time, the major partners were WorldCom(Verizon) and Global One(Equant).

  • 1995-2000

    Chief kept the record as the largest telecommunication bandwidth wholesaler in Taiwan for 7 years.

  • 1999 / 01

    Chief changed the Chinese company name.

  • 1996

    Chief emerged as the largest telecommunications bandwidth wholesaler for Chunghua Telecom in the country, and had more than 2000 channel partners.

  • 1995

    Chief was one of the seven qualified candidates in the first round, when the Data Communications Division of Chunghua Telecom recruited business agents.

  • 1993 / 12

    Published “Communications” magazine witch provides a forum of exchanges among high-tech industries, officials, academics and researchers in the nation.

  • 1991

    Chief provided Chunghua Telecom the service of installation, removal, relocation, replacement which are associated with both front-end and back-end office information system and the online telecommunications service system such as SOPS, TRIS, LEAMIS, and PAMS.

  • 1991 / 01

    Chief Telecom Inc. was established in Jan. 1991.