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Triple actions taken by Chief Telecom in full support of Taiwanese enterprises to expand both internationally and domestically

Chief Telecom, with its interlocking policies and actions covering from the frontend service provisioning, to backend cloud service platform and IDC services, is here to fully support Taiwanese enterprises with their new positioning and requirements.

The biggest network exchange in Taiwan

Chief Telecom is a crucial hub for both domestic and international internet access. International-wise, there are PoPs of 90% of Asia’s submarine cables collocating in Chief Telecom’s datacenters, where consequently enterprises can access to international resources fast and easy.

Chief Telecom Partners with Oracle FastConnect to Help Enterprises Grow and Be Innovative

To solve the network issues when using public clouds and cater to the different cloud service requirements with one-stop-shop solution, Chief Telecom’s Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) would be the best choice. For the enterprises’ key applications, without a stable, secure and high-quality network connection, enterprises will not be able to confidently migrate data to the cloud, let alone enjoying all sorts of advanced cloud application features.