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Cloud eXchange

Chief Telecom delivers comprehensive 700G international backbone resources all over the world, and positions itself as an important cloud service hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the rich global network resources, it not only attracts many global and domestic ISPs, CSPs and international submarine cable operators to set PoPs in Chief IDCs, but also provides companies with cross-border network solutions and a full-range support to grow their business internationally.

The only one IDC Building in Taiwan where the major private and consortium submarine cables converge can quickly deliver submarine cable exchange and backup services.

Taiwan is located in the hub of East Asia. The geographical location contributes to the magnetic attraction effect of the customer clustering.

LY2 intellegence IDC and TPIX – Chief is the 1st Choice for International Service Providers to Set up PoPs in Taiwan.

The number of TPIX members continues to grow rapidly. Chief aims to be among the world’s top 100 IX this year and will keep moving towards the next goal- being top 50 IX.

Chief actively promotes THREE RINGS and THREE LINES that facilitates an exchange ecosystem involving telecommunications, data and cloud.

Chief’s carrier-neutral IDC is a cornerstone for the THREE RINGS and THREE LINES network infrastructure that Chief is currently focusing on.

Chief builds the 1st Taiwan Network eXchange Gateway to meet the digital transformation and cybersecurity needs of businesses.

Chief Telecom builds the Taiwan Network eXchange Gateway that involves IDC, cloud and network connectivity, enabling users to transfer/exchange data quickly and easily, along with the complete cybersecurity protection.

Chief operates the largest internet exchange center in Taiwan, leading TPIX to the world’s top 100 internet exchange centers

TPIX is the largest and neutral internet exchange center in Taiwan. There are more than 110 members and over 200Gb/s traffic exchange.

Chief pursues continuous enhancement to TPIX service, moving towards the world’s top 100 internet exchange centers

TPIX seeks to expand cooperation with international telecom operators, submarine cable providers and cloud service providers.

Chief creates a strategy of Three Rings and Three Lines that contributes to the achievement of digital convergence.

Chief is now actively focusing on the infrastructure development of “Three Rings and Three Lines”.

Localizable network in ASEAN countries with high quality and low latency.

The leading IDC service provider operating the biggest carrier neutral data centre in Taiwan.

Chief Telecom 7×24 direct connect to IBM Cloud

Chief Telecom announced the release of Chief Cloud Exchange (CCX) x IBM Cloud Direct Link in Taiwan to provide faster and dedicated connect services. The 7×24 hybrid cloud service will assist domestic enterprise customers to expand their cloud business.

Chief Telecom to build new high-intelligence IDC, aiming to conquer East Asia market

Chief Telecom (TWSE: 6561) announced that it will build a new IDC with an area of 5,000 ping, seven stories above the ground and two floors underground, and able to accommodate 1,800 racks. The overall design will be matching that of smart and green buildings, and close to a Tier 4 IDC. The new IDC is scheduled to launch in 2023, which will expectantly enhance Chief Telecom’s mid and long-term business momentum and assist its expansion into the East Asia market.

Chief Telecom Partners with Oracle FastConnect to Help Enterprises Grow and Be Innovative

To solve the network issues when using public clouds and cater to the different cloud service requirements with one-stop-shop solution, Chief Telecom’s Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) would be the best choice. For the enterprises’ key applications, without a stable, secure and high-quality network connection, enterprises will not be able to confidently migrate data to the cloud, let alone enjoying all sorts of advanced cloud application features.