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MiTAC optimizes the hybrid cloud model by using CCX to build direct connection with Google. Joining hands with Chief Telecom to introduce innovative cloud technologies and accumulating practical experiences to accelerate cloud service promotion. MiTAC Information Technology Corp. has inherited rich experiences in system integration and core technology from MiTAC Inc, and transformed into an AIoT solution provider that can integrate cloud, edge and edge computing. Therefore, when experiencing the advancement in cloud technologies, MiTAC has often become the pioneer, responding to market demands with the most advanced and completed portfolio of cloud services. Consequently, MiTAC was among the first group of users of Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX)’s private connection to multi-clouds back in July, 2019, through which they were able to improve both the information security and user experience. Their first step was to connect to Google Cloud Platform, followed by plans of connecting to other public clouds next year. Mr. Burt Sun, Chief Manager of Cloud Services Operation Division of MiTAC commented, “Hybrid cloud is an inevitable trend, and the adoption rate is gradually increasing. However, in terms of the usage of hybrid cloud for us and most enterprise users, the investment of using leased lines to connect with public clouds is too large. And through Chief Telecom’s CCX service, we’ll be able to enjoy the same grade of connectivity, stability and guarantee on information security via the most cost-effective way.” The Cloud Services Operation Division of MiTAC and Chief Manager, Mr. Burt Sun (third from the left) Upgraded information security in compliance with regulations MiTAC is the first Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider in Taiwan, and it has transformed into the distributing and reselling partner of public clouds such as GCP, Azure, and the upcoming AWS in response to market changes. In the meantime, MiTAC itself […]
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Bora Pharmaceuticals

Satisfied, Wu pointed out that the biggest help brought in by the implementation is the great improvement in information security protection and operational risk management, which are able to comply with all kinds of security regulations afterward. Combining VM and IDC, Chief customized a hybrid cloud solution that is efficient, secure and easy to manage, assisting Bora Pharmaceuticals to build up key ERP and database applications With Chief Telecom’s hybrid cloud solution, Bora Pharmaceuticals has smoothly accomplished the goal of migrating its core ERP and DB servers to VM and IDC provided by Chief Telecom and successfully connected the two.This has laid an important groundwork for Bora Pharmaceuticals as its plan to become listed in the OTC market requires the company to conform with information security standards and meet compliance obligations, and in the same time Bora Pharmaceutical also reached its own yearly goal of server virtualization. Founded in 2007, Bora Pharmaceuticals focuses on the industry of pharmaceuticals and has the strength of innovation in R&D, with its products ranging from medical drugs to dietary supplements. In addition to Union Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. which was merged by it, Bora Pharmaceuticals owns two offices in Neihu District, Taipei City which are in charge of sales and R&D, as well as a plant in Guantian District, Tainan City. Bora Pharmaceuticals plan to become listed in the OTC market, which was why seeking a more rigorous information security protection method and lowering operational risks has had become the important goals of Bora Pharmaceuticals ever since. Dual certificates in information security management were the powerful advocates for Bora Pharmaceuticals to choose Chief Telecom as the supplier of IDC and VM Po-sung Wu, Manager of IT department of Bora Pharmaceuticals indicated that though Bora Pharmaceuticals had its own on-premise datacenter in the past, […]
Industrial Application / Product Application
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Caves Books

Caves Books was established in 1952. In firm and solid paces, Caves has become one of the most important campus bookstores in Taiwan campus. Caves is also a pioneer in English language learning materials for children, adults and collegiate students. Now they have 28 stores that can provide nearest services. Caves Books adopted Chief IDC solutions to create a secure e-commerce environmentChief Telecom provides not only technical specialists and secure environments, but also reasonably service price.Weber Chang, Deputy Manager of Information Technology Department of Caves Books Caves Books was established in 1952. In firm and solid paces, Caves has become one of the most important campus bookstores in Taiwan campus. Caves is also a pioneer in English language learning materials for children, adults and collegiate students. Now they have 28 stores that can provide nearest services. To strengthen markets, Caves set up an e-business department. A business website which was built and hosted in a famous telecommunication's data center, Caves can interact with readers through Internet and provide books search, shopping, download materials and discussion. Caves really builds a paragon of Publishing in Web 2.0 era. Customer security first, Caves Books divides website maintenance jobs into specialty divisions. "Keep a forward-looking, positive people can control the trend; conservative people can maintain advantages" is the guideline of Caves Books. To follow the Personal Information Protection Act., Caves Taipei headquarters took a full inspection for their web site spontaneously last year. Through this self-inspection, Caves discovered some security issues in its hosting data center and asked for improvement. However, the many times of improvement were not satisfactory. Weber Chang, deputy manager of Information Technology department of Caves said that the customer data security is the first priority to Caves to take into consideration. Caves will take it with the highest security standards. […]
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    awoo utilized Chief Telecom’s latest cloud exchange platform (Chief Cloud eXchange, CCX) and connected to GCP via the private dedicated connection provided by CCX. As a result, awoo was able to shorten the email delivery time of TigerFly to three seconds, and in return improved user experience.